Wednesday, September 17, 2008

many things faced day-in n day-out

salam to muslim viewers.
many things happened and faced lately. Alhamdulillah, syukur, dimudahkan jalan untuk semua urusan.terima kasih kepada semua yang membantu.
terima kasih juga dirakamkan kepada cik Dayah (irrise.blogspot..) kerana banyak membantu urusan NSF. by referring to ur post, yes of course the first class treat had been gave to me and ziha when i'm there (bangi idaman). warmest regards also for your kindness in accompanied me to marriot [all along the way i'm so nervous actually]..i'm scheduled to be intvwd in morning session while ziha on the next session. long-time-no-see diskoz fwen, ina also there for the same purpose. when can we met again? huhu.
sorry all, i'm really2 not a good blog writer..and so that i just like to patch all the pic (sumtimes w'out any caps)..and suddenly i found this award from Dayah's blog [does she nominated? ehehe thumbs up, good job fwen..wink~*]

ok , next post will announce sape yang dapat award ni dr stay..stay..stay..:P..stay up..

and to all diskozmate fwen, i'm surfing yana's frenster last week and found out pic from cik wan's wedding..there is ina , farid, ziti, nad, ani, etc etc [cant really remember who else is in the pic], but that pic [even its just a 1D pic ;P owh 123-D had infected my mind :P] really triggers a memories of all of u diskozmate. even i'm not there, i can always feel diskozmate's existence in my heart [will keep it all along my life's journey, insya Allah]....

last wik end, ade aktiviti membuat kuih
last wik end, ade aktiviti masak2
last wik end, ade aktiviti berbuka di rumah dr norma


BlankQo said...

ktaorg pun xtgk lagi gmbar2 tu... huhu

kaizenDaGreat said...

woohoo...sapekah yg patut upload gambar?

wani ezryl * said...

ahaa kite pun rindu bangat kat korang!! jom peluk secara virtual!! *hugs* T_T

ntah. farid, ngapain ga diupload di discozmate ato flickr? ahax :PP


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