Tuesday, January 6, 2009

measuring the efficiency of the 'tenet' speed

fun fact: measuring the efficiency of ...
involves the formula : speedup / no. of processors ..
hohoh start2 dah merapu...
ok jom tengok gamba

*hasil mentransfer gamba dari handset setelah memory card nye dipenuhi gamba yang b'status reject*

welcome to jusco bukit indah :D

so many nail design (saloon at skudai parade where kak aisha doing manicure)

zoom in 'ing' the design :P

posing pas abes pizen scored 2008

the 'parallel' : my friend :P

wani-ayet-utm :D
a.k.a driver when we went (for the first time) to jusco bukit indah

my book [i bought this from the dealer that come all of a sudden in my lab]
*saya baru bace skit , ok T_T *

1 comment:

wani ezryl * said...

terasa sudah lama xbaca buku cerita.. ohok


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