Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Course v 3.0

Yes, as it mentioned by the entry title.
Another course to attend. As usual this will be the good reason to go for ‘raya’ shopping :P yeahh
Partner of the crime Anes and Ain my colleagues are very good in planning. (Obviously, they’re expert in shopping than me..hehe)
Since the trip (eay can call it trip meh?) is for 2 days and a half, I have to cancelled most of my class.
Well, the students so happy when I announce the class cancellation yesterday. (the class is on Friday! So they can go back to their hometown earlier..hurm)
Class replacement? Its nearly end of the semester. Really don’t know whether I have time to do so. (ala, the students also said like this: none it la miss…)
Eh..beg tak siap kemas lagi T_T (eleh, rome was not build in a day laaa) eh ada kaitan ke ..haha tibe-tibe je kan..

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