Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss! Its 7 weeks!

Goosh! No more leisuring around. My sched for this 7 weeks short semester quite pack (haloo be contented plis!)


What make me enjoy is that my students can actively participate in my class. (Normally its hard to see boys raise up hands and sharing views)

I am handling e-commerce and web design (again) this semester. I like both, but I vote for e-commerce more than Web design.

Why? Lots of preparation thingy should be done before the class starts :P so laziness k.. the best part is I have to follow the new code procedure. (the one I learnt before obsolete oredi ) ßsigh~***

FYI, most of my class starts on 9 AM! and some of my class starts on 3.30 till 5.30. struggling to find the best method to attract my student..they'll feel very sleeeepy in morning and look very tired on 3.30.


Ps: I myself do agree that its really hard to sit in programming class on 3.30 pm! T_T huhu


Ann said...

wah active student2 iza..ak pun excited bila student2 ak dulu byk btnya..xla komunikasi 1 hala je

[noriza] said...

kadang2 jadi sleeping beauty jugak diorang tuh ..:P

wani ezryl * said...

seriously, i already forget all those coding except html! haha

PahLawaN MaoKiL said...

how 2 register 2 be ur stdnt mizz..


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